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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

If you don’t know Moz tool till now, you are losing a lot, but you still have a chance to optimize your website search engine. It is a multi-functional tool that provides reliable data that helps you make decisions correctly, reduces error rates, and achieves the desired results. Besides, Moz helps you to:

  • Know the evaluation of the most important pages according to the content and the visitors' numbers for each page separately.

  • Specify the methods of protection.

  • Give you a warning if there are possible errors.

  • Refer to the locations that need to be improved on the website.

It owns a set of tools which are:

Keywords Explorer

Moz's keyword makes the choice of keywords and complex analysis easy. You can put your keywords in the keywords explorer tool to collect a lot of recommendations, and create lists to organize your search for keywords.

Audit & Crawl

Through Audit & crawl, you can discover how to fix technical problems for SEO. This problem may be the reason why your website is not receiving high traffic. By doing this you can solve the problems that your website faces and get higher effectiveness.

Backlink Research

This tool lets you check the backlink profile and domain authority of any site. Domain authority determines the quality of the website and how well it works on search engine result pages The backlinks are put within the content to navigate readers to a specific page to read an important topic that you want to draw their attention to. The value of your website increases and gets a higher rank in search engines when you link your website to other important websites.

Rank tracking

Rank tracking is providing the ability to track your website keywords ranking performance on search engine result pages and you can also track your competitors on search engine result pages. That helps you to build your strategies.


One of the best free extensions for Google Chrome related to SEO. It is an instant measure of websites and pages. It provides a fixed bar that enables you to get evaluations of websites and pages on search engine result pages, and reviews of domain and page authority for any website or page, and more. If you have any comment do not hesitate to mentions in below comment.

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